Festival Website Design – A Buyer’s Guide

Folk who know us, know that we do love a dance at Impress51, so it has been our pleasure to be involved with our very own local event, The Rock Oyster Festival for several years.  This has given us the opportunity to learn and grow with the festival over that period, with each year delivering a better and smoother visitor experience for people looking to find out about the festival and, ultimately, book tickets.  In this month’s extended case study we thought we’d share some of that experience with you.Head over to our website Portfolio to see some of the examples mentioned in this guide.

Websites for Holiday Homes and Guest Houses

Here at Impress51, perhaps because of our location in Cornwall in the beautiful South West, we have been asked to build a number of websites for guest houses and other sorts of holiday accommodation over the past few years.  For this reason, we thought we’d make this very subject the first in a new series of industry specific guides, aimed at helping your business conceive and select the perfect website for you.

Head over to our Website Portfolio to see some of the websites for holiday homes and guest houses mentioned in this guide.

Like any valuable commodity your business owns, such as vehicles or machinery, it is important that you give your website the maintenance that it requires.  Most of our sites are built on Joomla!, a content management system which is well known for having great security; but like any online system, the older it becomes the more vulnerable it can be.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new sister company Kernel, and the first release of their online booking software Kernel Booking. This is a hosted platform that allows property owners to take bookings directly from their website, and is designed to work with hotels, guest houses, bed and breakfasts and camp sites.

Well, the Wadebridge Street, at least.  Kindly sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, the Wadebridge Street is an annual fixture at the Royal Cornwall Show, showcasing some of the finest businesses that our town has to offer, and this year we shall be making our own debut.

We develop 99% of our websites using Joomla!, so their latest release is an extremely important one for us. Please take the time to read the article below:

If not…you should! There are an ever increasing number of “hackers” on the internet these days; Warriors who find it funny to take down websites that are either outdated or have a loophole in something running on their website. This could be a plugin of some sort, or a simple contact form, but there are plenty of opportunities for them to get into your website.

We were recently commissioned to build a WordPress website for Berkshire Kitchen Design, focussing mainly on high end imagery and the quality of product that they produce.

Berkshire kitchen design focus on designing and fitting kitchens for clients, using different styles of kitchens and their new website had to be easy to navigate for all users.

Do I want a bespoke website or a template design?

This is a question that is asked more frequently than others.  Not everyone needs, or wants a completely bespoke website.  More often than not, a template like design will suffice.

Google is now the first place most people go to search on the web these days. They have the market share of searchers by a long way, so it makes it vitally important that your business is listed on Google My Business.

An interesting question isn’t it?  Does a web designer make websites?  Do they design them and someone else makes them?  Or do they do both?

We have a web designer here in the office, as well as a web developer.  There is a distinct difference between the two.  We will outline what our designer does and their involvement in the website development process.

Do you feel like your website is outdated? Could it do with a bit of modernising to bring it in line with your competitors? If so, come and talk to us. We are based in Wadebridge, Cornwall and our kettle is always on!

We specialise in modern looking and up to date websites that conform with latest web standards and best of all, they are all built so that you can manage the website yourself once it has been completed.

Not everyone wants a responsive or mobile website. Not everyone needs one. But we are in 2014; the number of people browsing the web on mobile devices is ever increasing with the popularity of tablets such as the iPad and smartphones. So the question we pose is: Would your website benefit from a mobile website or being responsive?

Not everyone understands exactly what is meant by Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO as it is more commonly recognised. When first reading up on the subject, we know it can be rather daunting, so we have put together this article to try and simplify the process as much as possible and explain exactly what happens when we ‘do SEO’.

Google’s announcement on 6th August has taken a few by surprise.  They have announced that they will be rewarding website owners by using SSL certificates on their website.  

Caroline New, Head Honcho at Impress51 lists her top ten things that if she were without, would make her life quite difficult.

We asked one of our resident web developer's what work tools they couldn't manage without in carrying out their daily tasks, and this is what she listed...

It comes as no surprise to us that yet again, our beautiful town here in North Cornwall has been voted into the top 10 of places to live in the UK.

We relocated our business and family from Birmingham 6 years ago, and I can honestly say, we have never once looked back.

In the three years or so that we have been designing websites in Cornwall, after relocating from the Midlands, I have had a chance to interact with a huge range of businesses, organisations and individuals about their online plans, and I am always surprised at how differently people can approach this subject.

So, of course the first blog item on any newly launched website will always be an announcement of said new site, and I am happy to reinforce the tradition. Having resisted the temptation to bring all of our prior content with us from the old site, this will be our first entry.