So, of course the first blog item on any newly launched website will always be an announcement of said new site, and I am happy to reinforce the tradition. Having resisted the temptation to bring all of our prior content with us from the old site, this will be our first entry.

All of our old blog items, along with the site itself, are now consigned to the dreaded archive, like a washed up has-been arcade game in the Wreck It Ralph movie. As with every site that we launch, I am hoping that we also progress beyond that first posting and don't fall into that dusty bracket of maturing websites that still announce their own launch some two years later.

But, looking around me at the gang in the office as I write this (2 days before launch, during that ever-so-slightly frantic period when we list and then re-list outstanding jobs, still convincing ourselves that there is plenty of time and we won't need to compromise, as the deadline looms ever closer) is on the degree of collaboration that goes into creating a new website.

We have a pretty varied team here taken from two different businesses, who between us have strong skills in graphic design, web design and the essential web technologies, photography, copy writing and marketing, and during this process of redevelopment, we have included every single one of those skills. Now, I am familiar with the collaboration that goes in to this process with a client, who may have meetings with a designer at the start, and then ask us to review their copy as it goes in, or perhaps ask our photographer to add a few professional photos to the collection that they've taken themselves with a variety of different cameras, or some combination of the above. But trying to get all of those levels of input right from the get go, so that your website comes together with the right look, the right images, the right tone to the copy, the right approach to selling your service, and all put together with half an eye on search engine marketing, has been extremely challenging. And exciting. And mind boggling.

Trying to accommodate so many different lines of thought all at the same time is a bit like trying to bend your brain into understanding what shape blue will be tomorrow, if you look at it through a black hole three weeks ago. Yeah I know, it's been a long week here. But, aside from us all trying to understand the perspective that different roles are bringing to the same project, it has been awesome to see the way in which we have all become extremely enthusiastic about this little business.

I am super proud, and the results look great. Dare I say it, we've learned a great deal doing this project, possibly more than we have on client orientated work over the last couple of years. It has made us better, and fostered some really interesting conversations about the nature of the business, where it is going to go and how we are going to progress.

It is a measure of the importance of your online platform nowadays that when you re-assess your website, it triggers a re-assessment of your entire business. So, with that in mind, here we are: this is what we do, and how we now perceive ourselves. Enjoy, and call if we can help you with the same process.