Do I want a bespoke website or a template design?

This is a question that is asked more frequently than others.  Not everyone needs, or wants a completely bespoke website.  More often than not, a template like design will suffice.


Template websites do tend to look similar to others, but once you have your own colours and branding applied to the template, along with a few custom tweaks, you can sometimes never tell that two sites are using the same template.  Bespoke means a completely customised site from top to bottom designed to fit any purpose you like.

When answering the original question, we will always tell a client it is entirely based on what they would like.  If you want a website that looks like no others and completely unique, then bespoke is for you.  We have done lots of bespoke websites, such as festival websites, campsite websites with booking integration, property let websites plus many more.

If you would be happy with a website that just needs to be very basic, with company information, a few images and a contact form, then template design is probably best for you. This enables us to build your website very quickly – with custom colour changes and branding to be applied with supplied images and information – you’d be up and running in no time.  We have also done lots of these such as Take-Away websites, accountant websites, kitchen websites and security websites.

If you are still not sure what option is right for you, then feel free to contact us to discuss what you would like.  You can use the contact us page or alternatively, give us a call on 01208 895370.