An interesting question isn’t it?  Does a web designer make websites?  Do they design them and someone else makes them?  Or do they do both?

We have a web designer here in the office, as well as a web developer.  There is a distinct difference between the two.  We will outline what our designer does and their involvement in the website development process.

Firstly, our designer (Caroline) is just that.  She designs (makes them look good) websites.  Our developer then builds the website that has been designed.

Caroline will begin with a good old pencil and a piece of paper.  Ideas are gathered from existing websites that a client likes the look of, a client’s wish for particular features or inspiration from other designs and functions elsewhere on the web.

Once ideas have been gathered and collated, they are put into action using a computer design program (normally Adobe Photoshop) in order for them to become digital and then clients can get an idea of how their website will look on a computer.  

Caroline will put together a few mock-ups (or designs) for the client to take a look at.  There is normally tweaking and editing of mock-ups in order to get to a look that both we and the client are happy with.  Once everyone is happy, the design is signed off by the client and passed onto our web developer to build the site.  

However, a designer is included in the build too, as certain features are being designed there can often be amendments required to fit in with current browsers.  This often means a slight compromise in terms of function for older web browsers.  

**At this point I would like to point out, that it is always best to be on the most up to date version of your web browser, always check for new updates.  This is mainly for security reasons but also for extra functionality.**

One of the great things about using a local firm such as ourselves, our clients tell us, is that they can pop into our office during normal working hours, and check on the progress of their website build.  If they suddenly have an idea they want to put into the mix, or want a sneak peak on the computer to visually see how their build is progressing, then they can.  This accessibility strengthens the relationship we have with our clients and through conversation, gives a greater understanding of them as business owners which we can then encapsulate within their website design.

This pretty much outlines what our web designer Caroline does here in the office.  She also designs logos, leaflets, business cards, stationery and more.  If you would like to see what else we do, please take a look at our services page.