Google is now the first place most people go to search on the web these days. They have the market share of searchers by a long way, so it makes it vitally important that your business is listed on Google My Business.

This is their own version of a directory that lists businesses names, addresses, phone numbers and your location on a map.

This allows searchers to view your listing on Google, thus linking them straight to your business. This is vital as contact information is available immediately. It is also great for Search Engine Optimisation due to local searches, so when a person searches for “Café in Wadebridge” Google will list a number of Café’s in Wadebridge that are on Google Business, connecting customers immediately. Vitally, this is displayed at the top of the search engine results.

In order to get your business on Google, register here:

Ensure that all of your business fields are filled out until Google tells you that your profile is 100% complete. This is important so that when users search, they will find all of your information immediately.

Not only is being on Google My Business important for regular searches, your business will be listed on Google Maps and Google Plus, giving you maximum exposure.

Once you are on Google My Business, ensure that any clients or customers you have leave you a review. Reviews are how you build lasting relationships with customers but also allow new customers to see what others have said about your business.