Brief: Cornish Tipi Holidays were hoping to move hosting companies to a local business, but were concerned that they had 4 years of emails stored on their webmail service, all of which were essential to their business and which they wanted to transfer to the new service. They also needed the site transfer to take place at a convenient time, as their email is so business sensitive and 'down time' needed to be minimised.

Service: Email management and hosting

What they said: Brilliant – thank you it all looks perfect, thanks for fixing the auto send and being able to see replies to messages.  It’s so much faster already, and we haven’t been booted off the server once!!!

What We Think: Moving over 5,000 emails between hosting accounts with minimal downtime is extremely tricky. We also had to be sure to take multiple backups of the emails and keep them stored somewhere safe! We accomplished the task by completing the transfer overnight, allowing emails to move out of business hours.