Code & Web Development

Commission a bespoke development, whether it be something simple like an online form or questionnaire, or something complicated like an app development project. Outsource a coding project which you don't have the time to carry out yourself.



HTML, PHP, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Python

Even if these languages mean nothing to you right now, they can still be an incredibly powerful tool. Create your own website tools, online reporting mechanisms, components, modules, apps. The list is endless, and the results can be designed specifically for your business.

Databases and Data Management

If your business manages large quantities of data of any type, moving it to a MySQL database can completely change the way in which your data is collected, stored, analysed and presented.

The results may surprise you, and make you look at your business data in a completely new way, allowing you to keep customers and management more informed than ever before.

Repairs & Customs

You can think of us as the website equivalent of your friendly neighborhood garage, just with more coffee and less oil.

Get a tune up or a repair, or perhaps get your website pimped, at a sensible rate.

We can fix broken components, or create you a custom design component for your website. These can be stand alone or ready to plug in to a Content Management System such as Joomla.