• Go Mobile

    Go Mobile

    40% of web browsing is now done on a mobile device. Do your customers keep your website with them wherever they go?

    Client: Iain Shillito, Blue Bus Catering

  • Web Design

    Web Design

    Searching for style? Striving for simplicity? A website that does clever stuff? They all start in the same way: with a conversation.

    Client: Jules Schad, Juice Cashmere

  • Code On Call

    Code On Call

    We write code. So you don't have to. PHP, CSS, SQL, JavaScript and more...

    Client: Karen Warne, The Accounting Equation

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design

    Whether you need leaflets for a new business... A set of business stationary...or Every single printed item for a summer festival

    Client: Charlie Anderson, Rock Oyster Festival


We are a website and graphic design company, based in Wadebridge, Cornwall

But lets not make this all about us...

Would you like a new website? Are you updating your branding? Do you wonder if the online market is passing you by? Confused about mobile and how your business should respond? Or would you just like to register a domain name?

You can answer all of these questions here, so please look around. But, we'd much prefer you to give us a call. We'd appreciate a break, and our parents are concerned about our screen time.


Come and See Us in Wadebridge

Impress51 have been developing websites and producing graphic design work for seven years, and we have been based in Cornwall for four of those. We are now really excited to have a high street presence in the middle of Wadebridge, where you can pop in for a chat over a cup of coffee anytime during office hours to talk about your design and web requirements. You will find us just opposite the Town Hall, home of one of our recent website clients: Wadebridge Town Council.




Websites Developed for Real Businesses

Our web design always starts with the needs of real businesses in mind. They are visually engaging, always incorporate your business needs and branding, but never compromise on useability and your client experience. They will also do exactly what you need them to do, from ecommerce to social media to video sharing. We have a huge range of website plugins and components available for you to choose from.


Web Hosting and Maintenance

We know that the world is now global, and that you can now purchase web services from just about anywhere in the world, without ever even needing to meet your service provider. But actually, what we really think makes business fun and engaging is being able to get together and talk about what your business needs. Our web hosting is no different. We give you the friendly and approachable service, where you can expect a response out of hours, or come and see us when what you are after really needs a face to face conversation. But we are also linked with one of the biggest wholesalers of online space in the country, so we don't lack in resources.

  • Get a variety of Web Hosting Packages with a company based right here in Wadebridge, North Cornwall
  • Also get the benefit of our link up with a global provider, and the systems they bring
  • It's Web Hosting that brings you the best of both worlds.



Websites for Different Platforms and Devices

The world of online activity is now extremely diverse, so we make sure we create the right type of website for you and your business. This might include:

  • A Content Management System such as Joomla!
  • A CMS that is extremely friendly to bloggers, such as Wordpress
  • Smartphone and Android friendly design for smaller screens
  • Strong Social Media links, should Facebook be how you communicate with your clients


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Of course, there is no point having a website promoting your business if nobody can find it. It's a bit like opening a restaurant without putting a sign up. We treat your SEO projects like an online marketing strategy: Create really interesting content Use that content to generate interest from your business or customer community Make it really easy for that community to find and share the content Become respected online as a consequence, generating traffic, enquiries and increased business. Simple right?

Well, no, it can be a bit of a minefield, but the principles are all quite straightforward and becoming more akin to marketing and PR that just straightforward SEO. We are now managing Search Engine Optimisation for a number of businesses around Wadebridge and Cornwall, who are reporting increased business as a consequence.

Mostly, we are all about creating the perfect design, the ideal website, or simply delivering the best web services that we can, and making sure you get exactly what you need. Find out from the horses mouth and read a few of our recent testimonials below, and then contact us if we can help you.

   seo graphic


Thank you Impress51, you have transferred my ideas into a beautiful website and it is fantastic. It is a pleasure working with your team. Karen @ Tidal Jewellery

Impress51 have done a wonderful job creating my web site. They quickly produced a beautiful, fresh looking, user friendly site for my business. The team were a pleasure to work with and Caroline understood what I wanted to achieve straight away. It wasn't long after the site went live that I started to receive email enquiries from new customers that led directly to bookings. Iain @ Blue Bus Catering

Impress51 guide you through the daunting area of SEO by enhancing your knowledge base whilst they communicate with you in the brand building process. I've seen amazing results in my SEO since working with Impress51. Sara @ River Spa

The Platt, Wadebridge,
Cornwall, PL27 7AE
Tel: 01208 895370
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