We asked one of our resident web developer's what work tools they couldn't manage without in carrying out their daily tasks, and this is what she listed...

  1. HTML5/PHP – the backbone of our websites.
  2. CSS3 – this is where the style comes in!
  3. Javascript & jQuery – great for adding that little extra sparkle.
  4. Notepad++ - a source code editor that we use to build Joomla! components. (many frustrating hours spent in this programme trying to find syntax errors!!)
  5. Firebug – a great browser add-on for debugging code in the browser.
  6. Filezilla – our choice of FTP programme.
  7. jsFiddle – an online sandbox; great for refining and testing our JavaScript.
  8. Photoshop – we use this to create our designs before they are translated into HTML & CSS
  9. Stack Exchange – a fantastic online problem solving community; especially helpful when you’ve been stuck with the same error message for hours!
  10. BrowserStack – part of our testing phase for websites.  It helps us to ensure that our sites behave as they should on all devices and browsers.